It was during one of my daily walks in company of my retriever girl 'Tula' along Munich’s riverside, when I started to realize, how unique the character of each single dog could be. From the simple thought to capture this phenomenon photographically, soon derived a precise idea.
Inspired by Bavarian castles and my passion for dogs and card games, it came to my mind to design a portrait gallery. To have the dogs gaze from the royal deck in a gentle, sassy, arrogant or determined manner, I devoted 2 years of my live to casting, research and realisation. The clothes were costume tailored according to each dog’s measurements, what made the shootings pass by fast and problem-free. Tula was happy about every visitor in the studio and thanks to her, the shooting turned out to be a positive experience. She also has been phtographed extensively herself, but enjoyed later her walk through the park - without wearing clothes.
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